Did you know?: NJ Flood Insurance

Question mark and elipsesDid You Know!?: NJ Flood Insurance

If you’ve never had experience buying NJ flood insurance, take a minute to read this quick tidbit about protecting your home in the event of a flood!

Did you know that NJ Flood insurance can only be purchased
through an insurance agent? You cannot buy it directly from the federal
government. Your best option is to find a local independent insurance agency to help you with any and all NJ Flood insurance solutions!

Did you know there is typically a 30-day
waiting period from date of purchase before a new NJ flood insurance policy goes into
effect. Although there are certain exceptions which are follows:

  • If NJ flood insurance is being purchased in connection with the making, increasing, extending or renewing of your loan.
  • If a building has been newly designated in the SFHA and NJ flood
    insurance is being purchased within the 13-month period following a map
  • If NJ flood insurance is required as a result of a lender
    determining that a loan that does not have NJ flood insurance coverage
    should be protected by NJ flood insurance.
  • If an additional amount of insurance is selected as an option on the renewal bill.

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