Does Your NJ Homeowners Insurance Cover Cracked Driveways?

black asphalt driveway

Does Your NJ Homeowners Insurance Cover Cracked Driveways?

Spring is almost here meaning the warmer weather is on the way! What does this change in season mean for your NJ Homeowners insurance?

Well for starters you are going to want to educate yourself on your NJ homeowners insurance policy. For example take a look at your driveway. Winter’s freeze and the thawing of severe ice and snow could encourage cracks in your driveway come this springtime. Basic logic would assume that your driveway is part of your house and consider the cracks as wear and tear, so you could file a claim right?

Nope. You probably wouldn’t be able to file a claim under a basic NJ homeowners policy, unless your driveway is cracking and crumbling because of some unforeseen cause.

Another exception would be if your neighbor somehow
damaged your driveway – perhaps when laying out salt and sand to melt
ice. In those cases, the neighbor’s homeowners insurance
may end up responsible for the bill!

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