Scheduling Your Valuables

Diamond Necklace

your personal possessions are insured under your NJ homeowners insurance policy,
scheduling valuables such as jewelery can help ensure they’re protected
if you lose them. Scheduling an accurately appraised item will also
ensure you have enough coverage to buy a replacement.

When you schedule an individual item onto you policy, you get true 100% coverage.

you know that losing your diamond necklace isn’t covered under your
policy by default? Many people file claims for lost jewelry, because
they were told they had coverage for their personal contents, and they
find out the hard way. Unless they buy an endorsement to cover their
personal contents for ALL PERILS, they do not have coverage for lost

We’ve seen a number of theft claims, and have had
customers literally crying on the phone when it’s explained to them that
they’re only going to receive $1000 for all of their jewelery or fine
china. Don’t be that person. Spend the extra in premium to receive full
coverage of your most expensive possessions.

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