Springtime Flooding

Flowers in springtime

Happy Spring Season!! It’s that time of the year when snow starts to melt, and flowers start to bloom! It’s also when rivers and creeks could rise due to “spring showers” leaving a potential for flooding in many parts of New Jersey!

As you may already know,  standard NJ homeowners insurance policies cover water
damage from sudden occurrences like as burst pipes – but it will not cover damage  related to springtime flooding.

There is good news though – It’s not too late to buy flood coverage from the Federal Emergency Management
Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). An NJ flood insurance policy could cover the building, foundation and contents of your home!

NJ flood insurance does have it’s restrictions, such as coverage limits and exclusions for
basement improvements. More importantly coverage usually does not kick in until 30
days after the insurance is purchased. So why not make the first day of spring your starting point to look in NJ flood insurance for the spring season! Talk to a local independent agent today!

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