The Luck of an Independent Agent

Clover path with raindrops on them

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, and even if you’re not Irish you can still feel lucky knowing that have you an Independent Agent on your side. Now don’t get it twisted – we are not talking about the Allstates and the Farmers – we are talking about your local independent agency!

It’s the local independent agencies, like us at American Insurance Services Agency, who can make the real and tangible difference in
the lives of our customers.  Independent agents we can shop the top carriers to make sure
you receive the best possible policy available for the perfect price.

Normally when you call a big name insurance company,
they can really only offer you their rates.  With a local independent agent, we can get the best deal and the best coverage that’s specifically
designed for you!

We know each insurance policy is different and unique, just like each customer
that we serve.  That’s why independent agencies like ours are able to
make such a huge difference in the lives of our customers.  We have the
tools, knowledge, resources, and staff to work efficiently serve every individual we do business with. Now don’t you feel lucky!?

For Insurance in New Jersey, American Insurance Services Agency is
your Insurance Agent of choice. We offer affordable NJ auto, business
and home insurance coverage and policies.Contact us today online or by calling (732)  680-4444