3 Tips to Reduce Your NJ Car Insurance Premiums

3 Tips to Reduce Your NJ Car Insurance Premiums.jpg

Looking for a way to reduce your NJ car insurance premiums? Truth be told there are actually several ways that YOU, yes YOU
can save money on your NJ car insurance today! We’ve listed three tips that might help you out!

  • Call your agent right now and make sure you are getting all the discounts you are entitled to. You might not know it but you may get a discount if your vehicle has an alarm. Discounts might also be available if you insure your vehicles and your
    home with the same company, so make sure it’s all under one roof. Also if you’ve passed a defensive-driving course
    or don’t smoke or drink you make be eligible for a discount as well!!
  • You might want to Increase your deductible for collision and comprehensive. By switching from
    a $100 deductible to $1000 you can reduce the collision portion of your
    premium by 30 percent! Doing will still keep you protected in the event of a
    catastrophes, but minor fender-benders may be coming out of your own pocket. Side note:  think
    twice about filing small claims with your insurance: Do you want a premium
  • Dropping collision coverage on older cars can save you some cash! You see, claims are limited to “book”
    value, so you’re not likely to get much anyway if you car is more than
    seven years old. Usually it’s a good idea to drop collision when the
    annual premium reaches 10 percent of your car’s value.

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