Don’t Be an April Fool With Your New Jersey Insurance

Don't Be an April Fool With Your New Jersey Insurance.jpg

Starting this month, all car insurance premiums will be fixed at $50 a year!!! Ok, not really – that’s just a bad April fools joke, but my foolishness does not give you an excuse to be one too! This month don’t be an April Fool with your New Jersey Insurance.

Usually when people look for a products they want to buy, they research the company
they are going to buy from. For example, if you are going to buy something off a site like
EBay, you are going to want to to check out the seller’s reputation. So why don’t people do the same thing when they buy New Jersey insurance?

Well, people tend to put price ahead of value these days, so it’s no secret that people looking for insurance go from one website to the next, and from one online quote to another to find the best price. They don’t research the company they
end up purchasing coverage from, or the lack of service that comes with it. Essentially they blindly give over their
money because they found the best price for something they have to

Instead of finding out later that your new insurance company is not a
joy to work with when you need them the most, do your research, and shop smarter by purchasing insurance through an independent agency. An Independent agency like American Insurance Services Agency will work for YOU, and shop multiple companies for the best rates. So don’t be an April Fool with your New Jersey Insurance this month, buy local!

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