Nighttime Driving Tips

Nighttime Driving Tips.jpg

Taking a drive a night? Whether you are on a lonely side street or a dark desert highway with the cool wind in your hair it pays off to be extra cautious.

Here a few safety tips for nighttime driving:

  • The darkness affects your visibility so allow extra room to slow down and break.
  • Low beams allow you to see 150 feet ahead. High beams allow you to see 500 feet ahead
  • Soften the interior lighting, and keep the dashboard lights on low.
  • A bright contrast can be distracting. If a driver behind you is using brights, angle your mirror downward. If that doesn’t do the trick, pull over to allow the drive to pass your car
  • Avoid distractions like phone calls or texts.
  • Be sure your headlights are clean and check that windshield wipers work
  • Feeling sleepy? Drive to a safe rest stop. A 15 minute power nap is an effective and efficient way to obtain needed rest.

Driving night requires extra precaution so let safety light the way!

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