Spring Driving Tips

Spring Driving Tips.jpg

Spring is in full force now, so what does this mean for you and your car? Well it will affect the way you drive that’s for sure! Keep these Spring driving tips in mind when you are out on the road this season!

Spring Driving Tips

  • Inspect your tires, if needed buy new tires.
  • Get your oil checked.
  • Steer around the potholes.
  • Slow down and increase your following distance during spring
    showers. Watch for pedestrians who cannot see or hear as well in the
  • Use low beam headlights in foggy conditions. High beams reflect from raindrops and fog, actually making it harder to see.
  • Avoid large puddles of water which are as dangerous as patches
    of ice. Your car can hydroplane on the surface. Splashing water also
    affects your brakes and makes it difficult for other drivers to see.
  • Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure for safer handling, longer tire life and up to 3% better gas mileage.
  • Also, have a pro check your car air conditioner. It’s going to get hot quickly!

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