How to Prevent Boat Theft

How to Prevent Boat Theft.jpg

 Boating season is here! Don’t let the pleasure your boat provides to you be taken away by thieves! When your boat is not in the water, always store it in a secured location.

If you are new to the boating realm, there are special locks available to secure your trailer, propellers, outboard motors and other removal able equipment. You can also purchase alarms that monitor for theft, sinking and fire.

Keep these precautions in mind to protect your boat or personal watercraft from theft:

  •     Never leave keys in the ignition.
  •     Never leave your boat unattended at docks or on beaches.
  •     Chain your boat to others, if in a group on shore.
  •     Permanently affix your Hull Identification Number (HIN) in a secret, unexposed location.
  •     Record your Hull Identification Number and keep it in a safe place. It can help you identify your watercraft

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