How to Clear Up Foggy Car Windows

How to Clear Up Foggy Windows.jpg

During rainy or humid days like today, your inside windows have the tendency to fog up. Driving with foggy windows is extremely dangerous, and should be remedied immediately.

How to Clear Up Foggy Windows

Start by turning up the heat and
direct the airflow to your defrosters with the AC switch engaged. (Many
cars automatically engage the AC when switched to the defrost mode.) If you don’t have AC, follow the same steps, but you may need to open your
side windows to get the air moving. Most modern cars have a built-in
rear window defroster that easily clears a misted rear windscreen by
heating up electrodes embedded in the glass. If you don’t have a rear window defroster, put
your front defroster on high and its hot air will eventually follow the inside
of the roof down to the rear window. If your car has swiveling dashboard
vents, adjust them so that the air flow strikes the upper edge of the
side windows. This will help clear the side windows first, finally
traveling to the rear of the car. If all else fails, use a rag or article of
clothing to clear up your windows.

You should regularly clean your windshield and windows, both
on the inside and outside. This will aid you to see better in good and bad weather. If you smoke in your car take extra care to make sure their interior windows are
clear of a buildup of smoke residue.