Does New Jersey Renter’s Insurance Cover all of My Valuables?

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Does New Jersey Renter’s Insurance Cover All of My Valuables?

If you’re the average New Jersey renter with more than $35,000 worth of possessions in your dwelling, you might be wondering if all of the valuables you own are covered under your current renter’s policy.

The answer is that everything you own might actually not be covered. Certain valuables like your jewelry, computers, and expensive cameras, are often held to a theft limit. Certain
policies have a $5,000 limit for computers, and jewelry for example.

When talking to your agent about New Jersey
renter’s insurance policies, ask about category limits on your valuables and how they
apply to the more expensive items you own in your dwelling. You may have to purchase a personal property
rider, which will provide additional coverage for specific items that are not included in
your basic renters policy.

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