Will My NJ Homeowners Insurance Cover My Antiques?

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Think about all of the valuable antiques that you have stored in your home. Have you ever thought about what would happen to them if they were stolen, or damaged? If your antiques are listed on you NJ homeowners insurance policy you can relax!

Will My NJ Homeowners Insurance Cover My Antiques?

The process of protecting you antiques works like this: Your insurance
carrier will first need to confirm the value of your item with a
certified antique dealer. Once the price on the antique is decided, you
will be paid  the dollar amount based on the dealer’s estimate of the
worth of the antique item.

It’s entirely possible that you may disagree with the decided price by your carrier. So to ensure this situation does not arise -get appraisals beforehand and have your local independent agent establish the stated
values in the policy. You should also keep your appraisals up-to-date every time you review your policy.

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