Car and Commercial Insurance in Edison and Woodbridge, NJ

Commercial and car insurance that is right for you

You have many choices when it comes to car insurance or commercial insurance in Clark, East Brunswick, Edison, New Jersey, Union, West Orange, Westfield or Woodbridge NJ. Making the right choice is important if you want affordable, reliable and best value insurance.  American Insurance is an accredited and recommended agent serving the businesses and communities of New Jersey with best value insurance solutions and plans.

Auto insurance is compulsory in all states and New Jersey is no exception.  As car driver you have a responsibility to cover your liabilities in the event of injury to other or damage to 3rd party property that results from an accident that you are involved in. However car insurance involves a lot more than just liability cover.  In event of a collision your car will suffer damage. Damage to a car is expensive. Even minor fender benders and set you back quite a bit. Then there is always the risk of auto theft or damage as a result of a storm or some other event.  Once you understand your risks you need to find the right auto insurance cover at the right price.

Commercial insurance is even more complicated as each business is unique and may require special coverage for certain risks and events.  A business owns policy will cover certain standard things such as liabilities, property damage, theft and fire. But there are many other risks that can result in serious financial loss.  Cybercrime, floods, super storms, civil unrest, terrorism and landslides are a few that come to mind. Any of these or can financially cripple a business. Does your commercial insurance cover you if the unexpected happens?

Getting the right insurance, be it car insurance, business insurance or personal insurance starts with finding the right agent. A local and independent agent such as American Insurance knows what risks pertain in your area and can tailor insurance solutions to cover your real risks and to suit your budget.