Car Insurance in East Brunswick, Union, West Orange New Jersey

Car insurance is a security cover on your car in the event of an accident. American Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. You can sign up for different levels of insurance covers here, whether you live in Clark, East Brunswick, Edison, Union, West Orange, Westfield or Woodbridge NJ. There are various types of auto insurance covers for different situations. We make sure that our policies fit your exact needs. We have covers for work trucks, classic cars, minivan and convertibles and more. Our insurance policies really do protect your car.

Types Of Auto Insurance

  • Liability Insurance – Also called third party insurance, it is the lowest form of insurance offered by us. In case of an accident, if you are driving the vehicle and it is proven you are at fault, we will pay for property damage and insurance to the other party. Usually we charge a low premium for liability insurance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – In this type of insurance we comprehensively cover for damages. In simple terms, we offer protection when it is established that the damage is caused not by vehicle collision but by other things.
  • Medical Cover – American Insurance offers to pay up for medical treatment of the driver and occupants of an insured vehicle after an accident. In this type of insurance you can be assured that your family members and friends are also covered.
  • Collision Cover – As the name indicates, we offer a collision cover when it is established that you have incurred loss because of a collision with another vehicle.

Apart from these types of cover, at American Insurance we also have some types of cover that are offered for specific type of vehicle. If you have an antique automobile or a classic car, high performance car or a trailer – we have certain additional covers for you.