Auto and Car Insurance in New Jersey

There are many facets and caveats to auto and car insurance


When it comes to car insurance everyone wants the best coverage at the best rate. Most people understand the rate but they don’t fully understand the actual coverage.  That is because and auto insurance policy is a complicated document full of legal terms and insurance jargon that the average man in the street simply cannot fully understand. That is why you should deal with a company such as American Insurance. They will explain in plain English what is covered and what is not. If you want best value insurance that makes sense in Clark, East Brunswick, Edison, New Jersey, Union, West Orange, Westfield or Woodbridge NJ then American Insurance can help.

There are many facets to auto insurance. The first is the coverage. In other words what are you covered for and for how much. The second is what you are not covered for which is everything other than what you are covered for. Already getting confusing… then there is the fine print and of course the cost of the policy as well.

Well there are basic things you would expect your car insurance to cover such as collision damage, or vehicle theft. But then what about injury or damage to others as a result of your negligence? That would also be covered as liability insurance which is actually required by law. So you have coverage for liabilities, collision and theft. Maybe that’s all you will ever need and then maybe not. What if a sinkhole swallows your car? What if a flood washes your car away? What if someone else drives your car and has an accident?  What about alternative transport if your car is written off? These are all important questions and you should know if you are covered for certain events that are real risks in your area. The best way is to ask the advice of the professional who know and understand these things.