Car and Auto Insurance in Edison, Union, New Jersey

 Some major do’s and don’ts of car insurance


Met with an accident?  Then, it is important to maintain appropriate communication with your car insurance company. While looking at the bills and pondering over where you can reduce costs, start with changing the coverage of your car or auto insurance policy. We, American Insurance are the most preferable provider of car insurance in New Jersey, Union, West Orange and Westfield. If anyone requires a car insurance policy, visit us at   www.americanins.com


  1. Be aware of the consequences of getting an insurance wrong.
  2. Fill the proposal form without carefully and factually, even if the vehicle dealer is arranging for the insurance.
  3. Keep a xerox copy of the completed proposal for the records of every communication with any insurance company, agent or officer involved in the claim.
  4. Do contact the insurance company as soon as possible after meeting with a car accident and read your insurance policy after receiving it.
  5. Should know that anyone can buy this policy through anyone and it is not mandatory to buy it through a vehicle dealer.
  6. Save both bills and receipts for all expenses related to the claims belonging to us.
  7. Read the policy brochure or prospectus carefully to know what is and what is not covered.
  8. Produce documents, like- RC (registration certificate) book and driving license to the insurance company for confirmation and make sure to keep these documents updated from the authorities concerned.


  1. Never allow anyone else fill in the proposal and leave any column blank.
  2. Never forget to renew the policy without taking any delay.
  3. Never sign a waiver of any kind.
  4. Never make false declarations about the actual use of the vehicle while insuring.
  5. Never try to insure the car in your own name, provided if your son or daughter is the legal owner of the car.
  6. Never identify the driver as an additional driver even he being the main driver, and if the owner the car is none other than you.
  7. Never admit liability, even if at fault for the accident.

No matter what, there is no doubt that the internet has made shopping for auto and car insurance easier than ever.