Workers Comp Insurance in Edison, New Jersey

5 employees who don’t require worker’s compensation insurance

Accidents do occur in a workplace even when safety measures have been put into effect. No matter what the size or the goal of a company is, it is a must-have for all workers to have workers’ compensation coverage. But, what is it?

What is meant by worker’s compensation insurance?

An insurance policy which protects the workers from claims emerging out of bodily injury or death due to any accident or disease outbreak caused by the conditions of an employee’s job is known as worker’s compensation insurance. As an “exclusive remedy,” it covers the total cost of medical services and rehabilitation for workers injured on the job as well as reduces the risk of financial loss and high costs of litigation and workers’ compensation claim defense. It is a state-mandated coverage that also compensates them for wages that are lost and provides death benefits for their dependents if they are killed at workplaces, including-terrorist attacks. We, American Insurance, a licensed, independent insurance agency serving New Jersey with insurance agency offices in Union, West Orange and Westfield are there to guide through the process of understanding and obtaining suitable coverage. Click here www.americanins.com to get started now with workers’ compensation insurance from employers.

Those who are not required to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance are as follows:

  1. Employers of domestic servants in a home.
  2. A sole proprietor without any employees.
  3. An actual owner of minimum 20% of the outstanding voting stock of a corporation and also his family members.
  4. The owners of limited liability companies.
  5. Employers having employees who are involved in agricultural or aqua cultural job as casual or seasonal laborers.

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